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You need a new website, right? You have several options. One, you can do it yourself. It is a cheap alternative. Wrong! It takes a lot of time- time you could spend running your business. The second is hiring a traditional web development firm. They are expensive. How about a third alternative? The Robin Hood alternative!

Social Simplistic only works with small business. We keep costs down. We areSEO Lancaster Harrisburg York Website Design efficient. We understand the needs of small businesses and help level the playing field when you compete against the “big guys”. We are in touch with all the latest trends and techniques needed to create a better online presence. This information is all FREE online, but who has the time to “decipher” what is right and important while trying to run a business?

Every business’s online needs vary, therefore, an “exact” pricing model is difficult. However, we will give you a range that you may fall into… We make this promise– You will pay less through us without compromising quality and effectiveness. We are simply the best value, especially since you determine that value!

Most web developers have a development fee and monthly hosting/maintenance fee…

Example 1– Home page, About page, Services Page, Pricing page, Contact Page

    • This example would be around $20-$50 down and $20 per month. To add some advance features would raise the monthly fee to $25 per month. No additional upfront fee unless something time consuming is requested. This includes SEO(search engine optimization) within the site, up to 5 photos per page, “Simple Guides” to help guide you through social media, consulting, a blog(recommended), any minor updates, and more…

All other Examples…


Yes, that’s right. If you have a project that is different from above, you choose the price. I only ask for “fair trade”. Since every “job” is unique, having a “pricing guide” is nearly impossible. So, I ask this question- “What are our services worth to you?”

Industry Averages– Type this into google within this industry and you will see that most places charge $30 to $90 per hour or even more. That’s how most price the projects- How long will it take? So, how long will your project take and what is the value to you? Does that seem fair?

This pricing model also is used for our mobile apps and other services

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