The Robin Hood of Social Media and Web Development.

We take from the rich, big online kings and queens- and give to you their prized Treasures.  Yes, that’s right. You will have access to all the trade tips and secrets, especially in regards to SEO, without paying hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands and more. Why? We want to help the small business community have the same access to information and services the big guys get for only a fraction of the cost-(see our Services) And when we define small business we mean- any company with 10 or less employees. Did you know that makes up 95% of the businesses out there? In fact, 79% of businesses are just 1 person- the self employed. Well, this segment of business is so under served and when they reach out to traditional Social Media and Web Development Companies, they are way too expensive. Not anymore!Cheap Websites Lancaster

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How can we provide so many great services for such a small fee. It all begins with planning and the upfront work we have put in. We will always treat you as individuals, however, the truth is, the social media and web platforms are just that- platforms. It is the content that is key. It is a systematic approach of building your sites and guiding you through the process- efficiently and effectively in language you will understand. No Geek talk allowed!

And why do it yourself? Sure, you can go to each platform, the Godaddys of the world for a website, Facebook, etc… But you still pay the website fees to host your site. And in the case of free sites, what are you getting in return? You will get a ton in return for a crazy small price through SocialSimplistic- more than what is listed on our pricing page. We keep no secrets. We will treat you with respect. We will partner with you to build an effective Social Media platform which shows your expertise within your profession. We are SocialSimplistic…

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SEO King Peter Weachter

Pete Weachter

Hi, I am Pete Weachter. I  grew up in Lititz, PA– Lancaster County, where I graduated from Warwick High School in 1987. Immediately following, I served in the United States Army as a Communications Specialist. Before starting SocialSimplistic, I was a Commercial Banker for the last 5 plus years . I designed my first website using Dreamweaver over 10 years ago and have been enjoying technology since a kid.

Today, I live in Dallastown, PA– York County with my wife Janet. Three kids keep me busy as well as some hobbies- which include softball, golf, and my Victory Vegas motorcycle.

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